Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer FAQs

Who is IBH for?

IBH is only for trade sales between breweries and licensed venues and liquor stores. IBH is not for sales direct to consumers.

Do I still get my deals?

Absolutely! IBH simply consolidates the process of placing and paying for orders across multiple breweries. All deals, pricing, and promotions are still decided by the brewery.

Why would I use IBH if I already have a good relationship with my reps? Can I still talk to my reps?

Yes! We encourage you to still have an active, ongoing relationship with your reps. IBH is in no way meant to be an alternative to rep conversations and in-store visits. IBH actually makes the reps' jobs easier by removing a lot of the admin work that limits their capacity to reach more customers. By ordering with IBH, you save yourself time by being able to place all your orders at once, and make one payment, plus you also save the brewery time from processing orders and invoices.

IBH also allows you to find beers that you may have never tried or heard of before, which is becoming more important with consumers increasingly looking to try new and exciting beers (as found in Beer Cartel’s Craft Beer Survey).

Can I use IBH to order from all my beer suppliers?

IBH aspires to eventually have all Australian Independent Breweries available on the platform. If there is an independent brewery that you regularly order from or would like to start ordering from, please let us know and we will reach out to them to have their beer available on the site.

How much does it cost?

IBH will always be 100% free for licensed venues and stores to have an account.

How do I pay for my orders?

By default, customers will only be able to pay for orders using a 7 day Delayed Direct Debit, using a bank debit or credit card. Delayed Direct Debit has been proven in the beer industry to help buyers stay on top of their commitments and allows breweries to offer better pricing to their customers. Customers may request to enable invoices as an available payment method, either through their dashboard or by contacting support@indiebeerhub.com.

How do I get approved to receive invoices?

When a customer requests to enable invoices, Indie Beer Hub will conduct a detailed credit check on the business which may include the use of third party services (eg. CreditorWatch). We may take into account information such as credit risk scores, registered payment defaults, credit enquiries and other factors when reviewing a request for invoicing.

Why can’t I see “invoice” as an available payment method at checkout?

If you only see 7 Day Direct Debit as the available payment method it is because:

  1. Your account does not have invoicing enabled. All new customer accounts do not have invoicing enabled by default. This must be requested through your Account Dashboard or by contacting support@indiebeerhub.com
  2. Some items in your cart are only payable by 7 Day Direct Debit. Each brewery uses Indie Beer Hub differently and may elect which payment methods they allow for their products. If any items in your cart only allows payment by 7 Day Direct Debit, then the whole order must be paid using that method.

How does IBH affect my delivery day?

It doesn’t. You can set your preferred delivery windows in your profile which will be communicated to each brewery. If a brewery cannot meet your selected windows, they will contact you to arrange an alternate time.

Can off-premise businesses use IBH?

Of course! (As long as you have a licence to sell alcohol.)

Brewery FAQs

How do I ensure my current customers still get their arranged pricing?

When you set the price for each product, this is the default price that will show to customers. For any customers that you have arranged alternate pricing, just let us know the customer and rate and we will set it up so that when that customer logs in, they will see their own custom pricing for your products.

Why would I use IBH if I already have good relationships with my customer base?

IBH still allows breweries and their customers to maintain their relationships, it simply provides a better ordering and payment experience. We aim to reduce as much inefficiencies as possible for you in the sales process from preventing double-entry of orders to removing the need for you to send and track invoices.

It’s also about independent breweries working together to grow the industry. Together, we can share insights and trends from the platform to help everyone.

Does IBH put my reps out of a job?

Not at all. We work alongside them, increasing their capacity to sell more by removing the inefficiencies that exist in their job. We want to work with sales teams to help them be more efficient and spend more time making relationships with customers and building the brand of the brewery.

For breweries that don’t have a sales team, we are offering them a sales channel that they didn’t have the capacity to provide before.

How much does it cost to sell beer with IBH?

It is completely free to create an account and list your products on IBH. IBH only takes a small percentage of each sale. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing.

How do deliveries work through IBH?

IBH allows you to send orders directly to your existing logistics providers from the platform. We have been in contact with leading beer logistics providers to develop a format for sending orders that works for them. If you choose not to configure logistics providers in the platform, you simply continue to send orders to your providers as you normally would.

Although IBH streamlines the process of sending orders to logistics providers, we do not cover logistics costs.

How do I get paid for orders through IBH?

Our stance is to share the payment risk with the breweries and release the payment to you once we have received it from the customer. We will be offering incentives for timely payment such as pay upfront and direct debit to reduce the risk of late and non-payments. We will manage customers who repeatedly make late payments and may revoke their access to the platform to remove this risk for all breweries.

What happens if I reject an order?

You have the option to reject an order for any reason, any time. In this case, IBH will receive a notification immediately and contact the customer ASAP to amend the order. If you cannot fulfil a portion of the order or would like to offer an alternative product, please get in touch with us ASAP and we will manage this with the customer.

General FAQs

Why do you only work with Independent Breweries?

Because independent brewers don't have the same economies of scale that multi-national owned brands do and can't easily compete on price. Instead, independent brewers seek to compete on quality and craftsmanship, which is highly aligned with the values of the IBH founders and why we see it as important for them to have their own dedicated sales channel.

More importantly, when beer is purchased from independent breweries, the dollars go straight back into the local community - creating more jobs and supporting Australian businesses that keep profits on-shore. Who wouldn’t support that?

What happens if a brewery listed on IBH is no longer independent?

We will give them sufficient notice that they will be removed from the platform. The notice period will allow for any pending orders to be fulfilled. Once a brewery hits that level of growth, they likely won't need the support of IBH anymore.

Can I learn more before I create an account?

It is completely cost and obligation free for customers or breweries to register for an account. However, if there is anything you want to know more about before signing up, we would love to have a chat and show you around the platform. Just get in touch here.